Risk Communications for Disaster Risk Management

Risk communication is an indispensable segment of the early warning system. The effectiveness of risk communication relies heavily on 1) how much the source of the information understands his/her role in the risk communication process, the different functions of the risk communication in early warning/disaster risk management, and his/her understanding of the recipients of the message; and 2) how the receiver of the message attributes meaning to the information. Risk communication is vital for obtaining goals, in order to gain trust and ensure that different measures have the intended impact. This training module has been designed to ….


  1. Understand the concept, terminologies and process of risk communication
  2. Understand the different risk communication functions in early warning/disaster risk management
  3. Undertake a situational, audience and channel analyses, for effective response to warning
  4. Develop communication objectives for specific audiences in a given scenario/disaster/emergency 
  5. Identify the roles of different stakeholders at the community level in risk communication
  6. Formulate appropriate messages for specific audiences



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