People’s Initiative for Transboundary River Basin Management

Fakhruddin writes a paper on the potentials for regional co-operative approaches in river basin management and role of the people in such initiatives. From the experience of the last few decades, it has become evident that the present approach to water management both in the countries and within the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna region may not be sustainable. There are clear indications that the region confronts a state of worsening water quality and quantity problems. The countries in the region have experienced some long-standing disputes around their common river basins. The government of these countries have tried to resolve the disputes but unfortunately because of domestic and geo-political realities, these initiatives have largely failed. Failures on the part of the governments have prevented the teeming millions to capture the great opportunity of social and economic development by harnessing the rich water resources in the region.


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