S.H.M. Fakhruddin presented the Decision Support System (DSS) for Location Specific Risk Information for Coastal Hazard in CAR II, 11-13 April 2011, Taipei, Taiwan

RIMES hydrologist, S.H.M. Fakhruddin was invited to give a talk on the Decision Support System (DSS) for Location Specific Risk Information for Coastal Hazard in the second international conference on Cities at Risk: Building Adaptive Capacities for Managing Climate Change Risks in Asian Coastal Cities (CAR II), 11-13 April 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.

Early warning is a key element of disaster risk reduction. All the advances in research in generating hazard risk information is not incorporated into operational forecast system and not all operational forecasts are integrated into decision making process to reduce disaster risks. This paper describes the location specific early warning information for coastal hazard to reduce disaster risks in coastal cities and vulnerable sectors. Based on the downscaled 3-5 days high resolution weather forecasts of Weather Research Forecast (WRF) and 1-15 days multiple weather ensembles (EPS) forecasts by European Center for Medium Range Forecasts (ECMWF), integrating storm surge model combining with GIS and social conditions, the DSS will be able to interpret, translate and communicate science based risk information into user friendly early warning information products to assist emergency managers and decision makers to prepare for response. DSS interface invites the users in an interactive way to specify the objectives and criteria that are involved, the management options (strategies) that are possible and the exogenous influences (scenarios) that should be taken into account. At the same it may be able to provide damage monitoring specifically to agriculture to estimate loss on agricultural productivity and quickly assess and report damages in agricultural commodities with appropriate response mechanisms.


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